Welcome to Sho Technology Solutions. We are a Northeast Pennsylvania based technology company focused on providing technology services and products so our clients can focus on their core competencies. 

We offer Application and Managed technical services so our clients don't have to worry about everyday technical issues, which you can find out more by clicking here

We also provide our own technology products and resell other company's software, which you can find out more by clicking here.


Sho is actively working on developing mobile & web based applications for many types of business. Contact us to see how our work can benefit your business.
  • Technology Utilized: 
    • Apache Cordova/PhoneGap (Android/iOS)
    • Monaca.IO (PhoneGap Development Studio)
    • Google Web Toolkit & Java - Client-Side Development Framework
    • GWT Material - GUI
    • GWT-PhoneGap - Library to make GWT & PhoneGap work together
    • Google App Engine - Server-Side Engine
    • Google Firebase